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Are your patients struggling with pain and impaired motion? A physical therapist can be a valuable partner in helping your patients achieve freedom of motion and freedom from pain.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a physical therapist, in meeting your patients' needs.


Our normal business hours are:
Amelia Office
Monday thru Friday: 8:00 am -6:00 pm

Blackstone Office
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Appointments are scheduled by phone: 
(804) 561-1585

Two Locations - Find One Near You!

Amelia Office
10130 Superior Way
Amelia, VA 23002
Phone: (804) 561-1585
Fax: (804) 561-7430

Blackstone Office
114 E Broad Street
Blackstone, VA 23824
Phone: (434) 298-0128
Fax: (804) 561-7430

Our Promise

It is our mission at Amelia Physical Therapy to provide quality, timely, and effective therapy to our patients in a compassionate and nurturing environment and to treat everyone, coworkers and patients, as we would like to be treated.

Amelia Physical Therapy

Our Practice

What you will like about Amelia Physical Therapy

We have Fun!
Our friendly, relaxed atmosphere is what our clients tell us they appreciate the most about coming to Amelia Physical Therapy. 

Short, if Any, Wait Times
Our clients also appreciate knowing that we never "overbook" our therapists with more appointments than can be seen in the time allowed. We understand that your time is as valuable as ours is and do everything we can to ensure you never have a lengthy wait for your appointment

Dedication to our Patients
Something our clients may not know about Amelia Physical Therapy is our dedication to excellence. Here, your sessions will be directed by a licensed therapist. It is our goal to provide hands on treatment with each patient, every day. Treatment plans are developed on an individual basis and adjusted as needed. Our goal is not only to get you better but also to get you to the highest level of physical functioning as quickly as possible.